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Post by Crow on Sun Sep 18, 2011 2:45 am

What is the reputation system for?
The Aqua-Road system for reputation is a method for members to rate another user.

Can I rate the user without being serious?
No you cannot. Our no flaming rule applies to reputations. We ask you to rate users by what you actually think of the member or their post.

What is reputation abuse?
This is one of our most confusing rules. Abuse can occur from a variety of ways. One is flaming. Another is by asking for reputations. Using reputations as a currency. Coordinating with other members to inflate or decrease another member's rep. Bribing or blackmailing members for reputation is also abuse.

Who do I report reputation abuse to?
If the abuse was made via PMs, as in asking for rep/offering/blackmailing, you should contact Crow. You can use the PM system. For other types of abuse, such as flaming in rep, you can contact anyone from the rest of the staff.

What happens if I abuse reputations?
You'll be banned, simple as that.

Can I ask other members to give me reputation?
Absolutely not. That includes posts, PMs, profiles, or signature. While we can't verify if you're doing this via IM services, it's likely if reliable evidence is presented to us, you'll be banned. We consider any hints, tips, or off-handed comments such as "+rep is appreciated" or "I like reps" to be an obvious hint to trade reps with a member. We won't tolerate it.

What is Revenge Rep?
Revenge rep is the practice of getting a negative reputation after you have given that member a negative. This is not against the rules. Clearly if you leave someone a negative, you can expect them to reciprocate. Think carefully about your choices when leaving reputation. If you fear revenge rep, then reconsider. Staff will not take action on revenge reps. Our no-flaming rule does still apply though to all reps given.

What happens if someone asks me for rep and I give it to them?
You'll be banned for an hour, since you're not really the culprit here.

A banned member left me a negative reputation. Can you please remove it?
Sorry, but at this time we are not removing the reputations given by banned members unless it breaks other policies.

Can I contact a member that gave me a neg rep asking them to remove it?
We do allow this provided you are not harassing or threatening.

The reason I received a negative doesn't make sense or apply to me?
This is not abuse and no staff action will be taken. If you must contact the person who gave you rep asking for an explanation. Maybe it's a misunderstanding.

I received a negative rep that I think is abuse. How can I get it removed?
Abuse is defined above and if it's not abuse by our definition we will not remove it. It goes without saying that any negative rep you receive you will not like.

I saw another member give abusive reps. Can I report it?
Reps should only be reported by those in the process as either giver or receiver. Do not report abuse if you're not directly involved. So do not report reps that aren't yours.

Can I have my reps reset? I'd like to start fresh.
No. We do not reset reps on accounts. Our concern is stolen accounts. Also there are no do overs here. If you've built up a reputation you don't like that's not our problem. You should have thought about that when you joined.

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