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Post by Crow on Sun Sep 18, 2011 2:28 am

This section should help answer some questions related to the awards system.

How do I get an award?
Awards are given out by admins only. They are given out at their sole discretion. You cannot get an award by asking for one via PM. Awards are only occasionally given out.

Can I created a thread to nominate myself or another member for an award?
No. Do no make any threads to nominate or suggest the granting of an award. If an official thread already exists you can post in it but that's it. Do not make a new thread for that purpose.

What are awards for?
Awards are simply a way for admins to show recognition to a member. The award itself normally has a special meaning attached to it.

Can I change the display order?
Currently this is not possible.

I think I'm qualified to get an award. Who do I contact?
No one. What you believe about the qualification to get an award is irrelevant.

I want to know how to get a specific award.
Their is a list of awards and how to obtain them near the bottom of this page.

I sent a PM to an admin about an award. They never responded.
Admins are busy. You weren't supposed to send a PM about an award anyways. Admins often completely ignore award requests without a response. Don't expect the award or a response.

Awards seem really hard to get but I see some members with a lot of them.
Awards are hard to get. It's intentional. We don't just hand out awards to everyone asking for one, who believe they deserve it. Otherwise everyone would have 10 awards. That's ridiculous.

I heard I can buy awards. Is that true?
The fact is that sometimes a donation is made and a show of appreciation is the granting of an award. We don't sell awards.

Can I suggest a new award?
Yes, but don't pm an admin about it. Make a thread in the Feedback & Suggestions section.


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