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Post by Crow on Mon Sep 19, 2011 1:25 am

VIP:Forum Shop Vip-1
Buy vip to show your support to our forum. Your username will also be a unique Color.
Cost: 500 points

Forum Shop 001_14
Kind Hearted:
Donate points to another user.

Forum Shop 1299311444_ticket
Lottery ticket:
This is part of our weekly lottery which will give you a huge amount of Points if you win. (up to 1,000,000)

Forum Shop 1299196129_stock_glue
Sticky your thread:
Buying this will allow a thread of your choice to be stickied for 2 weeks
Cost: Points: 1,500

Forum Shop Donate
Donate points to our forum to win the donate award!

Sold OUT

UserName & User Title
Username Changes: Change your usename to any usename you wish it to be.(it cannot be taken by another user)(you can ask them to sell the username)
Cost: Points: 100

Grand Line
Forum Shop 1299196393_super_mario_mushroom_one_up
One Piece:
A one of a kind item. This item will give you an opportunity to be promoted. You will be promotedvfor 3 days. During those 3 days you must prove you deserve the spot. If you do, you have received a promotion.
Cost: Points:5,000

Forum Shop 1299196499_star_off
Second chance:
Buying this item will allow you to unban anyone off your choice.Regarding if they broke rules or not.
It can also remove any infractions!
Cost: Points:1,000


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