Are you an aspiring Shadower that needs help?

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Are you an aspiring Shadower that needs help? Empty Are you an aspiring Shadower that needs help?

Post by Tricky on Sat Dec 10, 2011 1:41 am

You may know me as MrTouchnGo on Basil. I run the Ask a Shadower a question thread (click!) in the Basil Shadower section. In that thread (and also below, but it may have formatting issues) is an FAQ that could hopefully help you out. Feel free to ask questions here/there!

Q: Are Bandits hard to level up? Is it worth it?
haventie of Basil wrote:A: Well, as you go through levels 10-around 70, you may find it hard to level, but it really isn't very difficult. Having Steal is just fine, most people think 3 monsters with one attack is low, but it's enough to get by until you get Band of Thieves. Is it worth it? Yes, it honestly is. The advantages of being a CB are incredible, and you begin having fun the instant you advance. And Shadower, I can't even describe how much fun you will have. By 70, your memories of getting to 3rd job will have faded, and been replaced by the wonders of a Chief Bandit.

A: The monster that drops them no longer exists Wink

Q: Which build should I choose, STR or STR-less?
A: Nowadays, the actual build doesn't matter too much, since the STR to equip a Pescas/D Khanjar is really easy to get, even with 4 base STR. However, what'll give you more bang for buck is actually probably a normal STR-less build, considering the high price of a clean or scrolled D Khanjar... if you're not funded enough to get that STR. BUT, you should still be able to get enough STR for a regular Khanjar, so there's that. If you're funded enough, go ahead and go for a STR build, because that's ultimately the best build with good funds.

Q: Where should I cap my DEX/STR in order to wear STR equips?
A: It's actually rather easy to get enough STR to wear a Pescas/D Khanjar these days, so I would suggest either leaving it at 4 or raising it to 15 or less (I would still recommend 4). I wouldn't suggest raising it above 20. As for DEX, stay DEXless until level 80+. The extra LUK from doing so will result in higher damage and result in you training faster. When adding in DEX, you should do so according to your funding. Keep in mind that in order to equip a D Khanjar or a Pescas, you will need 160 DEX and 75 STR. If you want to cap your DEX at 4, then you have to be able to afford enough equips to add 156 DEX. If you want to cap your DEX at 40, you have to have to be able to afford enough equips to add 120 DEX... and so on. Most people cap their DEX at around 80. You should do this as well if you have around 1b in funding. If you have less, cap higher, since you won't be able to afford as many DEX equips. If you have more, cap lower, since you'll be able to afford more DEX equips.

Q: So now I know where to cap, how do I get extra DEX and STR and stuff?
A: Simple. Equips!
MrTouchnGo of Basil, Tricky round these parts wrote:
Depending on your funding, get the following items:
-Zhelm (15 DEX) or cZhelm (21)
-MoN(5), HTP(22), or cHTP(25, 40 [can no longer be made], 60 [can no longer be made])
-Top (60% Armor DEX scrolls exist, but they're 30m each and it's more cost effective to scroll tops with LUK) (~5-10)
-Cape scrolled with DEX (~5-10)
-Mask, either event mask or Reverse DB Mask (~3-7)
-Shoes scrolled with JUMP scrolls (~5-10)
-Bottom scrolled with DEX (~10-15)
-Gloves scrolled with ATT (hopefully they have like 2-3 DEX on it or something)
-Medal (1-4)
-Eye Accessory (3-7)
-Evo Rings 1 & 2 (+7 STR/DEX each), Rising Sun Ring (+6 STR/DEX)
-Shoulder (1-10)
  • get the Silent Crusade shoulders and scroll them perfectly with 3 shoulder scrolls from the npc, that's a free +11 STR/DEX

-Codex (1-5)


I hope this helps!

rabbithole of Basil wrote:Seeing as there are a lot of dexless build questions, may I suggest a few pointers coming from experience? Very Happy

A few starting points on scrolling for dex
- Potential scroll first then scroll. Obviously.
- Scroll from least expensive (earrings) to most expensive (helm). This gives more dex faster for less money.
- Craft a dex belt. The level 100 belt is +7 dex. Use 100% dex belt scrolls for +3 more dex.
- Craft Dexterity Rings (+4 dex?).
- Pass a shoe jump 10% on the first slot. 60% the rest. If it has +dex stat potential, even better. Shoe dex scrolls are not the same.
- Do the same with earring. Self-crafted half earrings work nicely. Disassemble Nimble Ring II's for Intermediate Crystals.
- Scroll bottomwear for dex. 10% the first slot if you want.
- Only Armor for dex works on tops (not Overall for Dex). It's too rare and expensive. Scroll for LUK instead.
- Collect some card sets! Edelstein, Rien, Hoblin PQ, and Dead Mine sets are easy to get.
- Use the shoulder pad scrolls from Silent Crusade. You have a 12.5% chance to land all 3 perfectly. If you don't have a hyper teleport rock, you could always leave your character in Magatia the night before. Finish those, go to Vic using the NPC two maps right of Ariant, then Leafre, Orbis, Mu Lung, Ludibrium, back to Mu Lung, Aquarium, and finally El Nath. This should take ~40 minutes without teleport rock.
- HTP helps a lot. Maybe you can even arrange to pay with a few SOK's instead of mesos. I suggest 3 line HTP if you plan to cube. A 2 line only benefits if you use one Premium Cube or else it might've just been cheaper to have gifted one more SOK.

Q: What is a good End Game weapon?

haventie of Basil wrote:A: Anything with 120 Attack or more is good for an End Game. If you're decently funded, go for a 130+, above average in funding, try for 140+. If you're funded enough, try and get a Perfect Von Leon Dagger, or a Perfect VIP Dagger (STR/LUK). If you want, you can scroll your own. Scrolling your own can be cheaper if you 10%/50% and get lucky. If you use GM scrolls it ends up being as expensive/more expensive then buying an already-perfected Dagger. If you have a decent amount of money at one point, you can buy a Dagger, and scroll it a couple times as you get enough money for scrolls. If you ever have extra Mesos laying around, just buy a 50%/10% & a WS, and test your luck.
Note from me: In most worlds, due to the cost of white scrolls and 50% scrolls, it may be more cost effective to scroll with GM scrolls. Also, potentials are very important. The best potentials are as follows, in no particular order:
+W. ATK (integer)
+% Total Damage (percentage)
+% ATK (percentage)
+Ignore Defense (percentage)
+Boss Damage (percentage

It should be noted that % ATK and % Total Damage actually would add relatively the same amount to your range, due to the way the damage formula works. % Total Damage will in fact add more than % ATK due to rounding issues, but the difference is negligible and not worth recubing for (unless your other lines suck).


Q: How do I improve my damage?
A: First of all, try to get a 12x attack dagger (this applies mostly to 120+ Shadowers). This will hold you until you can get an endgame dagger. Then, try to upgrade all your equips to 3% LUK. After that, slowly upgrade all your equips to 6%. Then 9%. And so on. This is more cost-effective than going all-out and buying a single 12% LUK equip or something.
stevenman76 (of Basil)'s answer:
NOTE: SCdit27 is stevenman76's character.
Well SCdit27 suggests to start off by getting 2% luk earings which are only 2mil or less. Once you get enough money, go buy yourself a 3-4% luk shoe. SCdit27 got a 3% luk for 7mil. 4% luk shoes are about 20mil right now. After you get more money buy 3-4% luk earrings for about 20mil -. Then go ahead and buy yourself 3-4% luk glove. Then buy a 4-9% top and bottom. Then try to go on from there by getting 9%+ everything.

Q: What skills should I max in 2nd and 3rd jobs?
A: In second job, everything except Steal. Steal may be a good mobbing move, but beyond second job, it's useless. In third job, there's a couple of options.
-MAX everything EXCEPT Chakra and Shield Mastery. This is the most used and the most recommended build. You get 8 Shield Mastery, which almost doubles your defense, while not sacrificing the extra 10% mesos from Pickpocket. Lolchakra is nice to have, but at 3, it should be enough for bosses with a pot cooldown. Take it from someone who used to have lolchakra maxed.
-MAX everything EXCEPT Chakra and Pickpocket. This was originally suggested to me by DarkQuill. While he gave me no reasoning (he just mentioned it in passing), some people may think that an extra 20% defense may be worth more than an extra 10% drop for mesos from Pickpocket and the slight subsequent loss in damage.

Q: How can i make some money as a shadower?
[quote=stevenman76]A: As a shadower there are many, not to complicated ways to make money. For starters you can hunt for recipes or other equips, scrolls, ect. You can also do subani's legacy, and sell the scroll for 10-16mil. Once you get a decent amount of money you can join a good guild, get some nice friends, and go on boss runs. While on boss runs try to pick up helmets/other equips/books(ask for permission first). Then you should get nx, buy scissors of karma, and use them on the boss helm/equip/books. After that, sell the equip/book and there you go, so pretty easy money.[/quote]
A: I didn't really read over it too much, but now I've realized it that the person who posted the question and answer missed a couple of things.
There are a lot more ways to make money than listed; for example:
-Professions. There are various ways to make money using professions, but mostly people just mine and sell the ores (Mining Profession). Some people also smelt the ores they get from mining into plates or jewels and sell those instead of the ores (once again, Mining Profession). Many people also fuse equips, since equips that are fused have a high rate of coming out as hidden potential. If you reveal these, you might get lucky and have % stat on the item, which you can then sell for a nice amount of mesos (Alchemy Profession). Some people make armor, although I don't think it's too profitable (Smithing profession). Items such as pendants, rings, shoulderpads, face accessories, and earrings can be made as well, but once again, it's not too profitable (Jewelcrafting profession).
-Simply pick up mesos when you grind. A lot of people fail to realize how many mesos they're not gaining because they're too lazy to pick up mesos dropped by monsters. You can probably get a couple mil an hour while grinding just by looting mesos.
-There are several guides on quests that can return money or items worth a nice amount of mesos. Normal quests. Exchange quests (you can do these more than once).

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Are you an aspiring Shadower that needs help? Empty Re: Are you an aspiring Shadower that needs help?

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Oh nice, did you just post this? Or was it a copy paste?
Just wondering.

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Are you an aspiring Shadower that needs help? Empty Re: Are you an aspiring Shadower that needs help?

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Unify wrote:Oh nice, did you just post this? Or was it a copy paste?
Just wondering.

It was a copy/paste from my thread on Basil. That thread has been up since like mid-summer, I think. I made it because I was bored, but I decided to keep it up to help people out. It's over 90 pages long now. Cool

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Are you an aspiring Shadower that needs help? Empty Re: Are you an aspiring Shadower that needs help?

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