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Post by Crow on Sun Sep 18, 2011 9:52 pm

I understand the forums been going through a lot of changes. And many ongoing processes in which we hunt for bugs/exploits.
You can keep up with our latest fixes here.

Sunday 18, 2011:
Accepted new member Alex.
Allowed posting in all sections
Added the chat box
Formatted server forms to work with all browsers
Added the FAQ page
Censored malaware websites.
Set a default avatar.
Added FaceBook connect
Added contributation page
Added report system
Added reputation system
Added quick reply
Added the "thanks" button
Touched up the theme

Monday 19, 2011:
Moderators can now ban members.
Added registering information on the homepage

Monday 19, 2011:
Registrations are now open
You no longer need to pay to register,although if you'd like to make meso you still can by paying a value of 600,000 mesos monthly, you also obtain VIP status
Added userbars

Bugs & Updates Admin-1
Bugs & Updates Banned-1
Bugs & Updates Donator
Bugs & Updates Member-1
Bugs & Updates Moderator
Bugs & Updates Subscriber-1
Bugs & Updates Vip-1
Bugs & Updates Reviewer

Tuesday 20, 2011:
Maple Cinema section no longer gives points when posting
Advertised the forum on basil for a bit. Reached 30+ members
Added world icons to the profile settings
Set the quote limit to 1 as it got annoying

Thursday 22, 2011:
Added denied, and accepted suggestions list.
Added a warning system.
Bugs & Updates WarningBar-Gloss1

Bugs & Updates WarningBar-Gloss2

Bugs & Updates WarningBar-Gloss3

Bugs & Updates WarningBar-Gloss4

Bugs & Updates WarningBar-Gloss6sharp

You're now able to see the op no matter what page you're on of the thread.

Friday 23, 2011:
Changed favicon to fishy
Updated the forum background. Reduced the size by twice as much. Also reduced lag.
Removed the chat box. I felt that it was unnecessary and it makes the forum look dead.

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